Subscription Seasonal Weekly or Bi-Weekly Garden Bouquet

A beautiful seasonal bouquet picked up at our farmstand at 401 Beaver Pt Rd on Fridays between noon and 8pm weekly or biweekly, valued at $15/bouquet.

Available: June 24th to October 7th

Choose from Summer and Fall – or subscribe for the entire season and receive 10% off.

$75.00 – $300.00

Summer Weekly Bouquet (June 24-August 26) $150
Summer Bi-Weekly Bouquet (June 24-August 26) $75
Fall Weekly Bouquet (Sept 2-October 7) $150
Fall Bi-Weekly Bouquet (Sept 2-October 7) $75
Full Season Weekly Bouquet (June 24-October 7) $300
Full Season Bi-Weekly Bouquet (June 24-October 7) $150

Contact [email protected] to order.

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